As COVID-19 cases spike, Guwahatians violate safety norms, throng markets


GUWHATI: The situation in Guwahati has worsened due to the spread of COVID-19, but the city dwellers have not been able to recover. From dawn to dusk, huge crowds have been observed in the markets areas and main roads of the city. Everywhere in the city, the rules of social distance are being violated at every turn.

Although the lockdown was relaxed and economic activities were allowed to continue with the administration setting some rules and regulations. However, the residents are busy breaking these rules and regulations in Guwahati. The shops and businesses of the city as well as the markets are crowded with people.

Coronavirus is expected to spread more rapidly in the city as people flock to the bazars unnecessarily. In view of that, Fancy Bazar has been declared as a containment zone. However, some of the containment zones are increasing in size (area covered). The size of the zone is getting bigger not only in Fancy Bazar, but also in Athgaon, Bishnupur, Maligaon, Pandu and other containment zones. The scene is same everywhere.

Meanwhile cases are being reported from different parts of the city. From Assam Police, ASI Nehru Patgiri of Bharalu Police Station in the city tested positive for COVID-19.  A pregnant woman admitted to a private hospital in the city has also been found to be positive for COVID-19.The woman was recently admitted to Gauhati Medical College and Hospital.

One of the employees of Noonmati Refinery has also tested COVID-19 positive.

Assam Police have been penalising people for not wearing masks. Till date, in Assam, the police have collected more than Rs. 50 lakh from people who were found without a mask. In Guwahati, the police have collected a fine of Rs 14 lakh till June 21.