Arunachal sounds flood alert, again


Arunachal Pradesh has sounded another flood alert amid reports of water overflowing the blockade at the Yarlung-Tsangpo at Milin section in Tibet, China, that was created as a result of another landslide in the river on Monday. Chinese Water Resources officials have communicated with Indian authorities about water overflowing the blockade at 9:30 am today (Oct 31).

Arunachal Disaster Management department has written to the deputy commissioners of Upper Siang, West Siang, Siang and East Siang districts, claiming that the water from the blockade is likely to reach Tuting in Upper Siang district at 4 pm and Pasighat around 1:30 am.

Although the letter stated that the level of water in Siang river will be much less than what it had been on Oct 20 and that “no major danger or damage is expected”, the DCs of the respective districts have been advised to alert people living along the Siang about the developments besides asking people living along the river not to go for “fishing, swimming, boating or any other activity”.

The officials have also been advised to be prepared and “keep search and rescue team in readiness to face any situation”.