Recently featured in Newstracklive, The Mid-day News,The India Saga,The Zee5,The Edtimes and other prominent media features, India’s Youngest Multicolor Artist Mekha Pradeep has taken a revolutionary entry into the Art Industry. The amount of love she gets from her mother land “India” is something she had not expected till some months back.

Mekha Pradeep is a Multicolor Artist,Multiple India Books Of Records Holder And “GrandMaster” Asia Books Of Records.She founded “JUNE by MEKHA” (Instagram Page) for sharing her artworks.Due to her specialities,peoples simply call her as “JUNE”.

Mekha Pradeep combined the style of multi-color in order to deliver amazing works.Her work creates huge publicity in social media.Mekha’s art work is the mix up of both passion and her love for artistic works that has helped see tremendous amount of success in a short span of time.

Mekha’s unique style,her individual persona,her confident,her drive to improvise created mad love for her paintings.During the journey to become success,she faced a lot of obstacles to get into the today’s position.Being as a student,she made many records and awards that gave her life a luminity.She is now trying to take phd in arts from London.Many was inspired from the creativity of her and started to learn the basics of art.

Mekha Pradeep’s fusion of art is truly maginificent,her humble personalities are enchanting and her power pact performance was made her as “The Youngest Leading Multi-color Artist Of India”.

Here is an exclusive interview with this star:

1) Who is Mekha Pradeep ?

I am a Multi-Color Artist,World Record Holder,Digital Entrepreneur and An Active Instagrammer.Also a Multiple India Book Of Records For Floral Art and “GrandMaster Asia Books Of Records,Founder of “JUNE” (Instagram).

2)  Where you are from ? Tell me a brief about you ma’am ?

I was born to Manju Pradeep and Pradeep Gopalakrishnan in the aesthetic place of Ayroor Kathakali Gramam,Pathanamthitta Kerala.I grew up along with my sister Pavana Pradeep.Out of this, I am the earliest daughter of my parents.Actually i started showing the inborn talent of an artist at a very tender age.My parents supported me very much.Due to their wish and prayer I succed in my life.

3) How you came to this art field?

To be frank,I didn’t know how.I am from a family without having any art background.My father is a businessmen and my mother is a homemaker.I didn’t went for any art classes at my tender age.Only by the support of god almighty,I succeed in my life.I dedicated my all success to all the people’s who loves me.

4) Who is your inspiration?

 Myself.I didn’t have any inspiration.Myself inspiring me.

5) Did you take art as your profession?

Basically,yet i didn’t have a plan to take art as my profession.I am a student.I am still studying.After my studies,if I get a golden offer from the art industry.Surely will take art as my profession.

6) What did you think when you saw your name in google?

To be in google search is very rare to I felt very much happy and blessed.