Army develops gadget for dog soldiers for getting info about enemy location


New Delhi, Dec 25: In a bid to increase the operational capabilities of its troops, the Army has developed an audio-video surveillance system integrated with a protective bulletproof jacket, which can be mounted stealthily on the Army dogs to receive information about location and strength of enemy from a safe distance.

Equipped with the gadget, the Army dogs can spy on the enemy location from close quarters. The camera and transmitter send the information on the receiver that can be at a safe distance up to one-km from the enemy location.


Army develops gadget for dog soldiers for getting info about enemy location

“We don’t want any casualty to happen in terms of the number of troops during close operations. We have developed a system wherein the Army dogs act as spy dogs with a camera and a transmitter fitted with the bulletproof jacket,” said Lt Col V Kamal Raj.
“The camera is connected with a receiver and will help in giving the location of the enemy in close operations,” he added.

“We train our Army dogs for umpteen number of purposes. It is our utmost responsibility to give them protection and hence the jacket is bulletproof,” said the official.

“Indian Army can use this device during operations to get visuals as well as audio of any operational location where enemies are hiding,” he said.

Lt Col V Kamal Raj said the best part is that the gadget doesn’t require any internet to function and gives information up to a range of one km despite obstructions. (ANI)