Armed group enters Dhola village; villagers jittery


Police, Army and the CRPF have launched a combing operation at Dhola in Tinsukia district of Assam following reports of a group of five armed men entering Bisonimukh-Kherbari village on Tuesday (Dec 18). Incidentally, Bisonimukh-Kherbari is the same village where five persons were gunned down by armed assailants on the night of Nov 1.

Villagers said some of them saw five men – all of them in combat fatigues and atleast three of them armed with sophisticated weapons – on Tuesday evening. One person said three men in combat uniform and carrying sophisticated weapons inquired about a particular person.

Police and security forces have already launched a massive operation in search of the five men, particularly considering the bloodbath orchestrated in the same village on Nov 1 when armed assailants shot dead five men, three of them from the same family.

“I have not seen the men but a few others claimed they saw the armed group while one of them said they were inquiring about a particular villager,” a resident of the village said.

Villagers are now in fear, fearing another Nov 1 like incident and have asked the government and district administration authorities of providing them more security.

“After the bloodbath that took place in November, a group of CRPF troopers was stationed in the village. However, they patrol only from 6:30 in the evening to 7 in the morning. If something happens before that, we are left with no one to provide us security,” another villager told News Live.


Police and security forces, meanwhile, has reportedly detained one person although they are tightlipped over the fresh developments.