Anushka Sharma calls for stricter laws against animal cruelty


New Delhi: An avid pet lover and an advocate of animal rights, Anushka Sharma has urged people to raise their voice against animal cruelty and stand up to protect, nurture and preserve the voiceless beings against inhuman treatment.

“If we as an evolved species can’t take it upon ourselves to protect the interest of these voiceless beings then it is highly shameful that we pride ourselves as the most evolved species. Therefore, it is our duty to protect, nurture and preserve them and humanely treat them with respect and dignity,” she said in a statement.

Anushka continued, “Over the years, as a voice for the welfare of animals and a voice against cruelty towards animals, I have come across so many cases of absolute ignorance and lack of total empathy and compassion in people towards animals. This exists because the existing laws don’t protect the rights of animals as they should.”

The ‘Zero’ actor has started a campaign #JusticeForAnimals to demand stricter laws, harsher punishment against animal cruelty and also amendment of the Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960.

This campaign comes after an incident came to the fore recently, wherein a street dog, Lucky, was brutally beaten up with sticks for taking shelter from the rains inside a residential building in Mumbai.

The canine passed away last week because of paralysis and internal injuries.
Deeply moved by the incident, Anushka is now looking for sustainable, organised policy change.

“Life is life and each and every life on this beautiful planet is equally important. This world is not just for humans. It is equally for all living beings on this planet and If humans can get justice for crimes committed against them, animals should also have equal rights to get justice. So, for any human to feel his or her life is more important than a voiceless being is nothing short of brutality and comes from a place of entitlement which is undeserved,” she said.

“Lucky was not the only one who faced inhuman cruelty. There are several more cases of dogs being mercilessly attacked and killed across our country. The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960 needs to be amended to provide #JusticeForAnimals – we need immediate attention and action on this. There’s a need for #StricterLawsAgainstAnimalCruelty” Anushka had written on Instagram recently. (ANI)