Anders Larsson, popularly known as CTO Larsson, holds the key to emerging future technologies


He imparts his vast knowledge about these zones through social media platforms, which are truly effective.

The world is introduced to many newer technologies with time. With the phasing off of Web 2.0, Web 3.0 has emerged, bringing along with it loads of advancements which are truly futuristic in nature. Blockchain technology being ahead of the lot, which seems to have the potential to make it big in the future. There are numerous other emerging ones hovering around which needs to be studied well as they bear the key to the future. A few individuals have dwelled deep into the subject of these futuristic technologies and grasped its workings to its roots, Anders Larsson is certainly one of them who has been around for more than two decades having observed the emerging technologies of the future from close quarters.

Known more popularly as CTO Larsson, he throws light on various subjects related to blockchain, mobile, green tech, AI, AR and VT, and much more which are predicted to take over the future in a big way. The exceedingly talented mind has been working as the CTO and Vice President for the Ericsson Group which is one of the most used network across the globe crossing 8.0 billion mobile subscriptions in areas of 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G and IOT, in more than 10 different countries including Southeast Asia & Oceania, looking after the sales in these regions which have exceeded to more than a billion dollars annually. Working all these years around these emerging futuristic technologies has gained him deep knowledge about these spaces, which he imparts now via his social media channels for the audiences.

He throws light on various subjects on his official website and social media channels on Twitter and [email protected] He also conducts online training programs which have been proved to be extremely beneficial for those who have undergone it. CTO Larsson’s Tech Invest – Course and Indicator Access is the most effective one which teaches in depth about stocks and cryptocurrencies. It’s a 3-week video course, which is split into 22 episodes, which teaches how to implement the right strategies to be a successful trader. Furthermore, he also acts as a consultant on, where he talks on various distinct subjects and throws light on its workings in depth.