Amul’s doodle lauds women all-rounders ‘working from home’ and ‘working for home’


New Delhi : Dairy brand Amul on Friday dedicated its new doodle to the working women of the country who are currently ‘working from home’ and ‘working for home’ amid the government-imposed lockdown to contain the coronavirus.

The new cartoon features the Amul mascot with her mother who is working for her job at one moment and is cooking for her family at another moment.

The first half of the cartoon titled, ‘Mom is where the heart is,’ featured the woman cooking while checking her phone at the same time to keep a check on her professional work.

The second half of the cartoon features her helping her daughter, the Amul mascot, in her studies while also working on her laptop and speaking on phone at the same time.

The Amul mascot is seen sitting beside her mother with her books open as she eats slices of bread smeared with yellow butter.

Another text on the doodle lauds the working mothers as it dubs them the ‘Favourite-all-rounder!’

“#Amul Topical: Tribute to women working from home and working for home during CoVid lockdown!” the dairy brand tweeted along with the picture.

With the government imposing a nationwide lockdown almost all industries have given out the provisions of working for home for their employees as a precautionary measure.

The country’s total coronavirus cases rose to 6,761 on Friday, according to the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. Out of these, 6,039 are active COVID-19 cases, and 515 patients have recovered while 206 have died. (ANI)