Amid heightened tensions over Soleimani’s death, US asks its citizens to depart Iraq immediately


Baghdad (Iraq): The United States on Friday has issued a travel advisory to its nationals living in Iraq asking them to depart the country immediately due to heightened tensions.

This comes after the US carried out a strike near Baghdad’s international airport killing Iran’s elite Quds Force chief, General Qassem Soleimani, a US-designated terrorist, along with six others on the directions of President Donald Trump.

The US embassy in Baghdad also asked its citizens to not travel to Iraq, avoid the US Embassy and to monitor local and international media for updates.

In a statement, the US embassy has stated that all public consular operations are suspended until further notice due to Iran-backed militia attacks at the US Embassy compound.

“Due to heightened tensions in Iraq and the region, the US Embassy urges American citizens to heed the January 2020 Travel Advisory and depart Iraq immediately. US citizens should depart via airline while possible, and failing that, to other countries via land. US citizens should not approach the Embassy,” the statement read.

The strike has escalated the tensions in the region. Iran has vowed to take a “vigorous revenge” over the killing of Soleimani, the head of Iran’s elite IRGC”Iran’s elite IRGC. (ANI)