Ameer Hussain’s exclusive NFT community “Dark Echelon” helps him create much buzz in the industry


He is a growing NFT proponent who also runs his YouTube channel to broaden people’s mindsets on NFTs and the like.

The way a few industries of the world have flourished over the years and shown outstanding growth levels and development cannot just be attributed to the advent of technology. One cannot go without crediting the relentless drive, zealousness, creative ideas, and astute business sense of a few individuals and entrepreneurs who put in every possible effort to turn their ventures into success stories and take their industries to greater success levels. The NFT and the entire Defi space is one such industry, which has given birth to many such talented beings, out of which a few rare gems have gone above and beyond to make their presence felt in ways more than one. Serving as one of the finest examples of one such professional in the world of NFTs is Ameer Hussain.

Ameer Hussain is the brain behind Dark Echelon, where he serves as the founder and creative director. Dark Echelon is one-of-a-kind and an exclusive community of NFTs consisting of 520 items. It is a unique NFT community where people can enter the City Of The Dark only by owning a Dark Echelon NFT. Ameer Hussain confesses how from the very beginning, if anything that attracted his attention the most, it was all things Defi. Having an immense interest in NFTs, he decided to found his own community in the form of Dark Echelon and now looks unstoppable in the industry.

Dark Echelon has been giving holders tremendous opportunities in the form of custom tools, alpha chat, and launchpad. People, after being a part of the exclusive community, can access exclusive benefits as well, like launchpad access to upcoming NFT calls and projects and also to the custom NFT bots, which will help them stay ahead in the NFT game. Besides this, Ameer Hussain as an NFT proponent and founder makes sure to inform and engage audiences with his incredible content through his YouTube channel