Ambubachi Mahayog to start on 23rd June 01:40:18 AM


GUWAHATI: The Ambubachi Mahayog will start on 23rd June 01:40:18 AM (Prabritti) at the Kamakhya Devalaya here in Guwahati, Assam. On 22nd June the Kamakhya Devalaya administration will close the entrance to queue for Darshan at 4:30 PM for devotees.

The doors of the Kamakhya Devalaya will remain closed on 23rd, 24th and 25th June. On the morning of 26th June, Wednesday at 6:00 AM after the bathing ritual and daily puja the Devalaya doors will be opened for the pilgrims, informed the administration. The Nibritti is on 26th June at 2:04:22 PM and the entry queue for Darshan will close at 4:30 PM for devotees.

Darshan facilities at Devalaya

On 26th June, some changes have been made for visiting the Devalaya. As the rush of pilgrims will be more than on a normal day the Special Darshan facilities of Rs 501 will remain suspended for 26th and 27th June. Also, special entry for Defence personnel will remain suspended from 21st June to 30th June.

Security and Cleanliness During Ambubachi Mela

For security, apart from 120 persons from the Devalaya, 400 scouts and guides, 400 NSS members, 140 temporary guards will be put on duty. Around 300 CCTV cameras have been installed around the Devalaya from earlier 180 cameras, informed the management.

For the Ambubachi Mela a management committee has been formed and various workers for daily cleaning of the Devalaya premises and other purposes have been appointed. There are already 200 cleaning workers and now another 210 workers have been added for the Mela.

Facilities and Instructions for Pilgrims Visiting Kamakhya Devalaya

For pilgrims who will be there on 26th June to pay obeisance to the Devi, a temporary resting place at Bangshi Bagan has been set up. The pilgrims will follow a queue from that place to reach the interiors of the Devalaya. Medical aid, drinking water and basic amenities have been arranged for the waiting pilgrims, stated the Kamakhya Devalaya administration.

The Devalaya administration has requested the district administration to ensure sufficient resting places, drinking water, lighting and other facilities for pilgrims walking their way to the Devalaya.

As the entry and exit routes are different, pilgrims will have to deposit their shoes and belongings at multiple spots on their routes.