Amazon’s Alexa app will now let user speak commands without pressing blue button


WASHINGTON D.C: Users of Alexa Companion App on iOS and Android are in for a different as Amazon is making a small change to the app and as a result, the user will no longer need to tap the blue Alexa button on the screen to say a voice command.

However, the new hands-free mode will only work if the user launches the app and continuously keeps it open on their phone, the Verge reported.

iOS users will only be able to use Alexa on their iPhone after unlocking and launching it first.

For users who want to use Alexa as their phone’s voice assistant, then they can opt for Amazon’s co-branded “Alexa-Built In” smartphones where it partners with Android manufacturers like OnePlus, Motorola and Sony to let the user wake Alexa with just their voice.

On Windows computers, Alexa has been hands-free since last year. Amazon’s Music App also has had a hands-free mode since 2017, allowing the user to ask Alexa to play music using their voice. (ANI)