Altcoin Psycho, a famous name in the crypto space, is trending on twitter


His trading expertise over the crypto space has earned him a commendable position in the industry today.

Crypto-mania is gaining popularity across the globe, with many investors stepping into this zone as its potential has been realized on a global scale. This ever-rising trend has introduced many industry experts who have mastered the art of crypto trading and are spreading their knowledge or the benefit of those who want to take up this opportunity. Altcoin Psycho is one such expert who has grasped the art of crypto trading and is today known to use the most profitable strategies backed by automated technology to trade in cryptocurrencies.

Altcoin Psycho has been around the scene since 2013, doing extremely well on popular social media platform Twitter. He says that he has always been passionate about digital currencies ever since it debuted and has been a keen observer of this space, having gained enough knowledge about crypto trading with time. He occupies the position of an advisor at Sino Global Capital, which is a network that helps portfolio companies to enter one of the most distinctive but essential markets in the blockchain sphere in Asia.

The popular trader began his rise to popularity after correctly predicting the exact bottom of the previous bear market in 2019:

Furthermore, he is the mind behind the creation of PsychoBot, which is a fully automated price action trend bot. The bot made big splashes in the automated trading scene after claiming the #1 spot on the trading bot PnLleaderboard, making it the most profitable bot in the scene. The bot works on a breakout strategy and uses high time frames like the 1D and 3D for trend confirmation.

The bot is no longer for sale as he switches focuses from retail algorithms to institutional algorithms. The crypto analyst has more than 16,000 subscribers on YouTube, and he is also trending on Twitter with over 420K follower