ALPCo sells Mutton, poultry worth Rs. 45 crore during lockdown


Guwahati: Amid lockdown, The Assam Livestock and Poultry Corporation Limited (ALPCo) has informed that during the lockdown period the department sold mutton and poultry products worth Rs. 45 crore to the public.

Addressing a press conference on Tuesday, ALPCo chairman Manoj Saikia said that in the beginning, the department faced shortage of eggs and that’s the reason the price of eggs had surged.

But later, supplies were brought from neighbouring states, he said. Further, Saikia said that around 20,800 plates of eggs have been sold from ALPCo selling point at Panjabari.

Saikia also added that, till Monday, 27 tonnes of mutton worth Rs 1.75 crore and 18 tonnes of broiler chicken worth Rs. 43 lakhs were sold in the city during the period.

A total of 34.39 tonnes of mutton, 1476.39 tonnes of chicken and 76,190 cartons of eggs were sold across the State. The dairy department sold milk worth Rs. 40 crore across the State through 2,522 authorized vendors, said Saikia. He said that more than 900 unemployed people were engaged in the poultry business in Guwahati.

Saikia also mentioned that last month they seized a huge quantity of meat, egg and vegetables in the city that were sold at higher prices. This process of seizing items being sold without permission is still going on. All the seized items are being sent to old age homes, orphanages, shelter homes etc.  

Talking about the cases of African Swine fever in the State, Saikia said that till Tuesday, sale of pork was been banned in 12 districts of the State.

“Till Monday, 14,465 pigs have died because of the fever. On Tuesday, 15 deaths were reported from Golaghat and 7 from Majuli,” he added.

Earlier, the Deputy Commissioner of Kamrup (Metro) and Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Department of Assam had permitted home delivery service of mutton and chicken meat in Guwahati.

The district administration also fixed the prices of the items accordingly. The rate of the dressed and packed chicken is fixed at Rs. 240 per kg and that of dressed and packed mutton are fixed at Rs. 650 per kg. The rate of eggs per plate is Rs. 140.