All 389 students coming from Kota to be quarantined at Sarusajai in Guwahati


Guwahati: Assam health minister Dr. Himanta Biswa Sarma on Saturday said that all 389 students coming from Kota will be quarantined at Sarusajai stadium in Guwahati irrespective of  whether they are showing any symptom of COVID-19 or not. The group of students will arrive on Sunday.

Addressing the media Dr. Sarma said, “We will quarantine each one of them at Sarusajai quarantine centre. But if we find someone with fever, cough or any kind of symptoms of COVID-19 after entering Assam we will quarantine them at Srirampur itself. And if all are in good health condition we will allow them to travel further and will quarantine them at Sarusajai”.

Dr. Sarma also added, “The students coming from Kota will be first quarantined for 5 days and will be under strict observation. They will undergo all the tests and even if they test negative the doctors will decide if they will have to go for quarantine for another 14 days or if they will go for 9 days home quarantine. The entire decision whether to keep them quarantined or not will be taken by the doctors after going through each report of the students”.

Dr. Sarma clarified that all the students coming from Kota will definitely be checked in Srirampur first and if anyone is find with high temperature and symptoms of COVID-19 they won’t be allowed to travel to Guwahati.