Akshay Kumar’s Rs. 1 crore donation soon to be utilised in Kaziranga National Park: Officials


Guwahati: After the raging floodwaters wreaked havoc in Assam in 2019 Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar donated Rs. 1 crore each to the Assam Chief Minister’s Relief Fund and the Kaziranga National Park.

The donated money will soon be utilized to improve the condition of the national park, rehabilitation of wild animals, building artificial highland and repairing damaged properties.

Money will also be used to repair the bridges and roads that were destroyed during the floods. Two forest camps will be set up inside the park. A highland for animals will be built at Bandardubi, two forest camps at Bagori and Kohora, will be constructed and 3 modern boats will be purchased with this money.

Once all these works are done superstar Akshay Kumar will be invited to Kaziranga National Park to visit the park said Principal Chief Conservator of Kaziranga National Park P.Shivkumar.

“We received the money in September and we have already thanked him for his kind gesture. We have requested the superstar to visit Kaziranga National Park after the works are completed. It will be a pleasure for us if he comes and visits the park as Rs. 1 crore is a big amount for us. The love he showed for Kaziranga is beyond words,” said P. Shivkumar

Shivkumar also added, “At Kaziranaga National Park we have planned to make artificial highlands and we will improve the conditions of the existing camps. In the Eastern Range we have a provision of a floating boat camp as the wild animals venture out to villages during flood. We are planning to place 3 more floating relief boats in that area. We are also planning to build some diversion roads along with a check-dam and water shed management  so whenever the park is cut off from Diphuru we can use this road. And once all these work is done the tourist can visit the National Park throughout the year.”