Akita Shintaro: The man and the mind behind Japan’s exponential rise in the business world.


This young Japanese business talent in the IT field is also an astute investor in restaurants, fashion and martial arts competitions.

The world of business always astounds us in ways more than one, for it always gives birth to individuals who work to stand apart from the rest, pushing boundaries to create their distinctive standing in their respective industries. If the business world thrives today, it is because of these young business talents who put in every possible effort, leaving no stone unturned to make their mark in their sectors and emerge as true winners in their niches. One such true winner in the world of business is a young business personality named Akita Shintaro, whose shrewdness in business and creative thinking abilities combined with his insane level of investing knowledge has turned him into a highly successful businessman and investor in Japan.

“The journey into the business space has definitely not been a walk in the park for me. I had to fight tooth and nail to create my unique presence and prominence in the industries I have chosen to dive into. However, the journey overall has been one roller-coaster of a ride, which made me understand how important it is to hold one’s ground, think beyond the usual and resiliently move forward, no matter what,” highlights Akita Shintaro about his journey so far.

Akita Shintaro is the one who founded his IT company at the age of 22 after graduating from one of Japan’s top schools and since then never looked back. In just five years of initiating his company, Akita Shintaro could employ more than 600 people and grew the company more, which now stands as a large firm in Japan. It excels in its main business, which is about manufacturing and selling solar panels. After setting up his own panel manufacturing plant in China, the young entrepreneur found interest in investing and started investing in fashion shows and world martial arts competitions. Through this, he could build relations with some of the most prominent politicians and celebrities and could even invest in businesses worldwide. The restaurant business also attracted his attention and hence, began investing in them in Singapore and Japan.

Akita Shintaro is now looking forward to opening a new restaurant this year in Dubai, the UAE. He has travelled to different parts of the world and aims to open more restaurants in the next two years. Furthermore, with the celebrities he has met so far, he plans to do more businesses and invest in many others. Undoubtedly, Akita Shintaro has become the much-talked-about young businessman of Japan.