‘Ajmal Amir Kasab was to die as Bengaluru’s Samir Chaudhari to project 26/11 as Hindu Terror’


GUWAHATI, Feb 17: In one of the most shocking revelations ever made regarding the 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks, former Mumbai Police Commissioner Rakesh Maria has claimed in his new book ‘Let Me Say It Now’ that Lashkar-e-Taiba planned Ajmal Kasab to die as Bengaluru’s Samir Chaudhari so as to project the dastardly attacks as a case of “Hindu Terror”.

Maria stated in his book that if everything went according to their plan, Kasab would have died as Samir Chaudhari and that the blame would have been put on “Hindu terrorists” for the attack.

“There would have been screaming headlines on newspapers claiming how Hindu terrorists had attacked Mumbai. Over the top TV journalists would have made a beeline for Bengaluru to interview his family and neighbours. But alas, it had not worked that way and here he was, Ajmal Amir Kasab of Faridkot in Pakistan,” Maria writes in his book.

The terror organization, reports also said, had also reportedly planted fake ID cards with Indian addresses for the terrorists.

Kasab, incidentally, has been photographed wearing a red thread on his right wrist. He further stated in his book that both the ISI and LeT had plans to eliminate Kasab in jail following his arrest by Mumbai Police, adding that Dawood’s gang was given the responsibility to eliminate Kasab.

“Anger and hostility towards him were perceptible (among Mumbai police personnel). Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) and Lashkar were bent upon eliminating him by hook or crook to obliterate the only living evidence of their heinous deed,” he further wrote in his book.