Air India sets up panel to identify employees to be sent on leave without pay for up to 5 yrs


New Delhi: National carrier Air India has started the process of identification for redundant or surplus employees in the company to be sent on compulsory leave without pay (LWP) for a period from six months up to five years.

“Air India has constituted a committee for ‘identification of redundant/surplus manpower resources’. The Committee to submit its report to the regional director’s office by 11th August for review,” according to a letter accessed by ANI.

The board of the airlines has approved a scheme for sending employees on leave without pay for a time period ranging from six months to two years which can be extended up to five years. It has authorised chairman Rajiv Bansal to send employees on the leave without pay.

The airline has chosen a committee in which, General Manager (Personnel) Convener, General Manager (Finance), Member, Departmental Head, Member One representative of Regional Director (RD) to be co-opted, in case required on case merit. These four senior-level officers will decide and submit a report regarding the identification of redundant or surplus manpower resources to the AI regional director (RD) office and later Airline headquarter will take the final decision.

“General Manager (Personnel) will share the staff list with all departments and convene the discussions/deliberations including the process of identification of surplus/redundant resources. The report is to be submitted to the RD office by 11 August 2020 for review and onward recommendations to headquarters,” the letter said. (ANI)