Ahmedabad: Satisfied with Indian govt’s COVID-19 crisis handling, Pak migrants decide against returning to their country


Ahmedabad (Gujarat) : Migrants from Pakistan staying in Ahmedabad have said that they do not want to return to their country, as they are satisfied with the Indian government’s handling of the COVID-19 crisis.

They also said that minorities find it difficult to live in Pakistan as they are not safe there and hope for a better future in India.

“I reached here a few days before lockdown. The administration here took good care of us. I want to stay here for a better future of my children,” Mala Parmar, one of the migrants from Pakistan, said on Thursday.

Arjun, another migrant, said, “It is very difficult for minorities to live in Pakistan. After seeing how the Indian government and people are fighting against coronavirus, we have reached a decision that staying in India will be good for us and our children.” (ANI)