African swine fever kills over 14000 pigs in 10 districts of Assam


Guwahati : Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Minister Atul Bora on Tuesday informed that 14,465 pigs have died in 10 districts, which have been severely affected due to African swine fever.

He said the government is taking all adequate steps to prevent spread of the disease.

“Till now,14,465 pigs have died in 10 districts, due to African swine fever. The government is taking all possible steps to stop the spread of the disease,” Bora said in a video conference.

“The Assam government is concerned about farmers and discussing with officials all the ways to help farmers to overcome the crisis,” he said.

For prevention of the disease, the state government has advised farmers to go for deep burial of dead pigs and to disinfect the pits with bleaching powder, salt and sodium chloride.

The Minister informed that the state government has written to the Central government and waiting for its directions to tackle the situation. (ANI)