Adam Bozanich aims to go sky-high with his technologically advanced entity – Akash Network


Using blockchain technology as it’s base the tech company has introduced a one of its kind cloud based services.

According to studies, the global cloud computing market size is expected to grow exponentially in the next few years. Though there are big names like Google, Amazon and Microsoft dominating the space today, there would be many alternatives in the near future, Akash Network being one of them. Co-founded by Adam Bozanich, the tech company aims at taking the cloud computing space to the next level by introducing ease of use, flexibility and low costs to its product. According to Adam, the products which are offered by the existing cloud service providers are overpriced and complicated. They do not give the freedom to clients to innovate or have sovereignty over their infrastructure needs. Furthermore, the majority of these have underutilized capacity, which doesn’t provide much. The idea behind forming Akash Network was to tackle these industry prevalent issues which would ease up business to a great extent.

Adam Bozanich who has years of experience behind him as a software development expert working for Symantec along with a host of other big names like One King’s Lane, and Marketron, thought about bringing a change by introducing his platform Akash, which aims at disrupting the industry in a big way. Adam says, “The blockchain technology has potential to eradicate the prevailing issues as decentralized cloud offerings could open up the likelihood of adopting and executing cloud tools and applications from different vendors in a modular fashion, which will expose them to a variety of the best toolkits to run their cloud based programs. This would bring about a drastic change as in the present scenario compatibility between big players is limited, and support for third party cloud add-ons is almost nil.”

The introduction of decentralized environments would offer additional layers

of security, which would prove to be beneficial for many businesses. By introducing Akash Network, Adam’s team has tried to open up entry for providers at the same time maintaining the quality that will win credibility in the industry. He is confident that his venture will break all barriers and emerge as one of the top most services providers in the next few months.