Actor Jatin Bora re-joins BJP


Guwahati: Popular Assam actor Jatin Bora has rejoined the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Monday ahead of the crucial 2021 Assembly polls in the state.

 Bora left the party over its implementation of the Citizenship (Amendment) Act (CAA) that seeks to grant fast-track citizenship to minority communities from the Muslim-majority countries of Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Bangladesh and took part in the anti-CAA protest in December 2019.

 The actor’s quitting of the party came amid the raging protests against the bill-turned-act across Assam, some of which turned violent. The actor was also the chairman of the state’s film finance development corporation.

Addressing a press conference Bora said that he was misguided during that time. He termed his opposition to CAA as an emotional issue.

“I had never seen such a terrible time. The CAA movement inflicted heavy losses on Assam and claimed the lives of 5 innocent youth,” Bora remarked on the violent anti-CAA protests.

“I joined BJP in 2015 with no political intention. I have joined the BJP for the sake of doing something good for the artists and the for the culture of Assam. The goodwill of the government is definitely required for the good work of the artists. It’s the BJP who can lead and take forward the cultural arena of the state” said Bora.

 Bora also said that he has come back for the artiste fraternity of Assam without any political aspirations.

 The actor also promised to continue working actively as a team as before.


Bora also mentioned that he left the BJP out of fear during the CAA movement.