Accusing husband of domestic violence and infidelity, woman tries to jump off from Chandmari flyover, saved by passersby


Guwahati: Sensation prevailed at the busy Chandmari flyover in Guwahati today (Wednesday) after a woman tried to jump off from the railings in an apparent suicide bid. However, a group of good Samaritans that also included a couple of journalists who were present there reacted quickly enough and prevented the young woman from taking the drastic measure.

The woman later accused her husband — who drives police vehicles at Chandmari Police Station — of domestic violence besides also accusing him of maintaining an extramarital relationship with another woman.

Utter chaos and pell-mell prevailed at the locality as people were aghast to see the woman trying to jump off from the flyover.

“It was indeed very scary to see the woman trying to jump off from the flyover after climbing onto the chest-high railings. Had the people not reacted quickly enough, she would have taken a plunge,” an eyewitness who was crossing the flyover told News Live.

The woman was later handed over to the police.