‘AAM AADMI’ angry over rising petrol and diesel prices, AASU stages state-wide protests


The All Assam Students’ Union (AASU) today staged state-wide protests over rising petrol and diesel prices, flaying the government for failing to stem skyrocketing fuel prices. AASU activists burned effigies of Union Petroleum Minister Dharmendra Pradhan and shouted slogans against the central and the State governments.

“The government is increasing oil prices at will and the sufferers are the common people. We warn the government to take immediate steps so as to contain rising prices,” a protesting AASU activist said at Biswanath Chariali in Assam’s newly-carved Biswanath district.

Protests were held across the State with AASU activists threatening to intensify their protests if the government fails to bring down rising prices.

State-owned oil firms hiked petrol and diesel prices for the tenth straight day. In Guwahati, petrol price rose to Rs 79.34 today while diesel prices touched a new high of Rs 71.34 a litre.

Petrol and diesel prices in Guwahati yesterday were Rs 79.03 and Rs 71.07 respectively.


On the other hand, the common people are very angry with skyrocketing fuel prices.

“The first thing I think after I get up in the morning is how much have fuel prices increased. I earn my livelihood driving a cab. Rising fuel prices are ruining our lives. Is this what the BJP calls ‘poriborton’ (change)? Are these the ‘ACCHE DIN’ the government promised us?” Rakhal Das, who drives a private cab, said.


Meanwhile, people are also angry over the move by MLAs and ministers of Assam to get their allowances hiked in the wake of skyrocketing fuel prices while ignoring the interests of the common people.