Aadhaar made mandatory for Bru migrants’ to avail benefits under rehabilitation scheme


New Delhi: The Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) on Tuesday made the Aadhaar identification mandatory for availing benefits under the Central scheme of ‘Grant in Aid to Government of Tripura and Mizoram for rehabilitation of Bru Migrants’.

Under this scheme, financial assistance will be provided to the eligible Bru persons and their family members through the State government institutions. This scheme involves expenditure incurred from the Consolidated Fund of India.

According to the notification by the MHA, an eligible beneficiary desirous of receiving the benefits under the Scheme is hereby required to furnish proof of possession of the Aadhaar number or undergo Aadhaar authentication.

The ministry, through the implementing agency, is required to offer Aadhaar enrolment facilities for the eligible beneficiary, who is not yet enrolled for Aadhaar. The Ministry through the agency should also provide Aadhaar enrollment facilities at convenient locations in case there is no such enrolment centre located in the respective Block/Tehsil.

Through the implementing agency, the ministry shall make all the required arrangements to ensure that wide publicity through media shall be given to the beneficiaries to make them aware of the requirement of Aadhaar under the Scheme, according to the notification.

The notification came into effect on Tuesday in the states of Mizoram and Tripura. (ANI)