70-year-old mother ‘commits suicide’ in Sivasagar


A month or so after the infamous Kharghoria couple’s tragic deaths Sivasagar has yet again been rocked by another incident of alleged suicide. A 70-year-old woman “ended her life” amid accusations of ill-treatment meted out by her daughters-in-law.

Anu Baruah of Duliapar Disial village on the outskirts of Sivasagar town was found dead after she allegedly set herself on fire. The deceased woman, in a suicide note that was later received by police, reportedly blamed her two daughters-in-law for pushing her to take the extreme step.

Sivasagar Police, meanwhile, have detained both sons and the two daughters-in-law of Anu Baruah for questioning.

Police are also trying to verify whether the deceased had written the suicide note herself amid reports that she could have been murdered and later made to appear as if she committed suicide. The murder theory stems from the fact that strangulation-like marks were visible on the neck of the deceased while a relative claimed that the handwriting on the suicide note was not that of the deceased.