7 Must Techniques to Follow for 2021 Board Examinations


New Delhi: Board examinations are around the corner and students as well as their parents are under pressure. While that ideally should not be the case, but nevertheless it happens with every student. The CBSE, ICSE, and ISC Board examinations 2021 will take place in the next few months. This means that it is high time for students to do their best and focus on the examination.

While school teachers and classes would have completed the curriculum and given the right guidance, here are7fundamental techniques that every student should master. Once you get the basic techniques right, the chances of anything going wrong decrease significantly. So, let us look at these techniques that will help you in scoring well in the 2021 board examinations.

Stick to The Reduced Syllabus

While this is not something that would be of importance in any other year, sticking to the syllabus becomes a ninja technique in 2021. The syllabus has been reduced due to the ongoing pandemic and students are advised to adhere to it. Note the applicable syllabus in every subject and ignore anything that is not part of the syllabus. Wasting even a minute on something that is not important from the exam point of view is not recommended at this stage.


Revision is a crucial aspect of preparation for the 2021 board examinations and should be a part of your overall preparation strategy. However, it is important to understand that revising the entire syllabus at the last minute is not possible. The ideal solution is to focus on the important topics and questions that have been asked in previous years’ examinations. Students can effectively revise at the last minute using Gurukul’s 10 Years Solved Paper for ICSE.

Take Mock Exams

Schools and classes conduct mock examination for a reason – to prepare you for the actual test. You can be as relaxed as possible and remain calm if you know the drill. Appearing for mock papers for your board whether it is CBSE, ICSE, ISC, or state boards will help you in acclimatising yourself with the examination. It is suggested that you appear for as many as mock examinations possible.

Time Management

No, we are not talking about managing time while preparing for the 2021 board examination. That is important, but we are talking about managing your time during the examination. You should know the question paper pattern for every subject and have a strategy prepared for solving it. Reducing the time on certain questions, while allocating time to questions with higher weightage should be part of the strategy. Thoroughly understanding gurukul’s ISC 10 YearsSolved Board Papers is paramount for this strategy.

Prioritising Questions

Many students prioritise the topics or even subjects that they will focus on to increase their overall percentage. But only a few smart ones know that prioritising questions during the examination is also equally important. You should know what questions are easy to attempt, which ones would help you score more, the ones that consume more time, and questions where you are good. You will be able to analyse this by using the Oswal’s Last 10 Years Solved Papers for CBSE Board and prioritise the right questions for you.
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