400 people were part of religious gathering in Nizamuddin, says Delhi Police official


New Delhi: Around 400 people were part of the religious gathering at Markaz building in Nizamuddin amid the coronavirus lockdown, said a senior Delhi Police official on Monday.

“We have isolated the Markaz building, where the gathering had taken place, from the rest of the Nizamuddin area. We are assisting the health department in taking people out for check-ups, in the last two days around 200 people have been taken for check-ups,” the official said.

Police said that around 300 to 400 people were part of the gathering at Markaz.

“We were approached by the Health Department after they suspected them of having some symptoms related to COVID-19,” the official added.

The senior official highlighted that religious gathering that goes on from days to months keeps happening in Markaz. Foreign nationals also come here and stay for the same.

Meanwhile, South Eastern District DCP RP Meena said that notices have been served for holding a religious gathering in Nizamuddin during coronavirus lockdown and the matter will be examined further.

Those who have shown symptoms have been shifted to different hospitals in buses for a check-up.

The police have cordoned off some areas by placing barricades and are monitoring the movement of people through drones. (ANI)