28 people died of drugs abuse in Mizoram this year


Aizawl: At least 28 people, including three females have died of drug abuse in Mizoram this year till June 10, according to the state Excise and Narcotics Department”s record.

A total of 1,607 people, including 190 females have died due to substance abuse since 1984 when the first drug- related death due to heroin was reported in Mizoram, as per the record.

The department”s record accessed by PTI said that 55 people, including 13 females died due to heroin and other drugs in 2019.

In the department”s record, Spasmo-proxyvon or Parvon spas was the main killer drug claiming at least 1,161 lives over the past 36 years while heroin killed 206 people and the rest 240 died due to misuse of multiple drugs.

However, heroin has overtaken Spasmo-proxyvon as the main killer drug since 2015.

There was no report of death due to Spasmo-proxyvon or Parvon spas from 2017, the record said.

Mizoram is sandwiched between Myanmar and Bangladesh, with which it shares about 722 km long international border.

Excise and Narcotics department assistant commissioner Peter Zohmingthanga told PTI that most of the drugs, especially heroin were smuggled from Myanmar.

However, drug supply also comes from Assam, he said.

The official said that the coronavirus induced lockdown has considerably reduced drug supply from outside the state.

The Excise and Narcotics department has launched massive raids against drugs and alcohol since March this year.

At least 336 people were arrested in drugs and alcohol related cases between March 22 and May 31, according to Zohmingthanga.

Majority of the offenders were released on bond to decongest jail due to the outbreak of novel coronavirus, he said.

He said that different types of drugs and alcohols, including 385.8 grams of heroin, 1.9 kg of ganja (cannabis), 236 tablets of Alprazolam, 19 phials of cough syrup, 5827.8 litres of local made liquor (Rakzu), 447 pots used for brewing liquor, worth lakhs of rupees have been seized so far since the beginning of the lockdown. PTI