26 bridges to be demolished In Guwahati To Ease Water Logging problems


As many as 26 bridges over the Bahini River in Guwahati will be demolished to clear out obstruction over the river under the ongoing drive to make the city ‘flood free’. Assam Housing and Urban Affairs Minister Ashok Singhal on March 6 informed about the development via Twitter.

Singhal informed that the bridges that impede the river severely and have become a major cause of artificial flooding will be demolished.

He mentioned that the bridges would be pulled down without causing any inconvenience to the public.

The minister later clarified, “As per new order, only 26 bridges instead of 89 bridges, will be demolished which are severely obstructing the Bahini River and have become major cause of artificial flood within Guwahati city.” Earlier, the Deputy Commissioner of Kamrup (Metropolitan) issued an order to demolish 89 bridges over the Bahini River. The inconvenience to the public has been kept in mind.

“Pursued the list of 89 (eighty-9) nos.,” read the previous notice. of bridges over the River Bahini that were submitted by the Commissioner of the Guwahati Municipal Corporation. These bridges are obstructing the natural flow of water, which is causing problems with water logging in various locations along the Bahini river.

It should be mentioned that “Mission Flood-Free Guwahati” was launched, and eviction drives are being carried out throughout the city.

Ashok Singhal, Minister of Housing and Urban Affairs, stated, “Eviction drive will be conducted soon in Guwahati at locations where people have illegally encroached lands near river and streams” prior to launching the mission.
The minister had laid the blame for the artificial flood and waterlogging that occur each time there is a heavy downpour in Guwahati on the residents of the city.

“Various steps have been taken to make the city flood-free, including desilting of the Bahini River and the Lakshmi stream,” he stated.

Additionally, the ministry had approved a development project for the Bharalu River’s guard wall construction.
In the meantime, several eviction campaigns and drainage desilting have begun in various areas of Guwahati.