#20in2020: Priyanka Chopra reacts to her Miss India pageant video


New Delhi: With more than 50 movies under her credits and being one of the few actors from Bollywood to make a strong imprint in Hollywood, actor Priyanka Chopra started it all by winning Miss India 2000 pageant.

Chopra who is currently celebrating the completion of 20 years in the entertainment industry, on Friday looked back and reacted to the video where she was crowned as Miss India.

The’ Fashion’ actor shared a video on Instagram, where she is seen watching the throwback video. The ‘Dostana’ actor recalled winning the title and joked about her sense of style and poses back then.

Sharing the reaction video, she wrote: “Alright guys, we’re doing this! I’m watching footage from my Miss India pageant in 2000! This is where it all began… If you’ve never seen these before, you are in for quite a treat. #20in2020 @feminamissindia.”

Throughout the video, the ‘Gunday’ actor is seen casually commenting on her hairstyle, enacting her own movement on stage, and also recalled her luscious hair, which she now wonders where it all got lost.

However, she took a moment to appreciate the “clever and profound” answer she gave for the question that won her the crown.

While watching the winning moment, the ‘Don’ star noted how she never expected to win it. She explained that she had a train booked as she was to go back and take her board exams.

Going through the old photographs that run parallel to the video, she says: “These pictures are hard to look at.” Pausing at a particular photograph, she laughs and says, “I don’t even know how to do that pose.”

“Well, this is where everything started. These are the pictures that sent me to Tinseltown,” said the actor towards the end of the video. (ANI)