20 gm gold mask for goddess Durga to keep Covid at bay in Kolkata


Guwahati: A Goddess Durga idol wearing a 20-gram golden mask and bearing sanitization goods was unveiled at a puja pandal in Kolkata’s Baguiati area on Sunday.

According to a report published in India Today, the preparation of the idol will take time; however, the theme was revealed on Sunday.

A gold mask, thermal gun, syringe, and other medical supplies were among the objects, which substituted the customary Durga Puja paraphernalia scene.

The Puja organisers intend to send a message about the importance of being safe and concentrating on health in the midst of the global pandemic.

“Please don’t consider the gold mask as a high-end accessory,” TMC MLA and Bengali singer Aditi Munshi said after unveiling the idol at the Bandhu Mahal Club.

“The thought behind this is that every daughter is a golden girl of Bengal, and every parent wishes to cover their daughter in gold. We have not placed the 20-gram gold mask as metal here. We have placed the mask to raise awareness and to promote the message that during this ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, it’s critical to follow the doctor’s safety advice,” she said.

Following the Covid-19 pandemic last year, the Calcutta High Court issued an injunction preventing anyone from attending the Puja pandals. However, many people are looking forward to visiting the idols of Goddess Durga at various Puja pandals this year.