1,435 stranded Mizoram residents en route home in special train from Bengaluru


Aizawl: As many as 1,435 stranded hailing from different parts of Mizoram have left for the State. Over 1,400 people who were left stranded in Bengaluru are scheduled to reach Bairabi railway station on May 28.

The stranded people are coming to Mizoram in a special train, which left Bangalore on Tuesday afternoon.

The travel arrangements of the stranded people have been made in coordination with the Bangalore Mizo Association and the Karnataka Police.

Bangalore Mizo Association President Patea said that while 1,540 stranded have been reported, 1,435 turned at the railway station.

Around 100 people did not turned up because domestic flight services has resumed and some have opted to travel by flight, he added. He further mentioned that the arrangement were made by the Bangalore Mizo Association and Karnataka Police.