12 days after boat capsized on Beki, five missing passengers yet to be traced


Five persons who went missing after the boat they were travelling capsized in the middle of the Beki river near Kalgachia in Barpeta district are yet to be traced. It has been 12 days since the tragic accident had taken place on the eveing of Eid-uz-Zuha.

Eleven passengers were on board the boat when it was caught in a storm and subsequently overturned in the middle of the river. While six passengers were able to swim to safety, the rest five went missing, their whereabouts still unknown.

Incidentally, four among them belong to one family. The missing passengers are Abdul Samad, Sayed Ali, Ikramul Hussain, Saniyara Khatun (all from a single family) and Nargis Sultana.


Local residents allege that rescue personnel, including those from the SDRF, abandoned a search operation after carrying out rescue and search operations for only two days.

People have also sought government assistance to the two families.